Two Fingers

28 Dec


From Faultline:

Thank you for sending your work to Faultline. Our reading period ended on February 15th, and your letter arrived after that date. We hope that you will submit again next year, anytime between September 1st and February 15th, 2010.

I seem to make this mistake a lot. For all my familiarity with lit mags, for all the research I do, I just can’t keep submission dates straight. You would think that, being a nurse, I would balance my inborn, artsy-fartsy spaciness with a rigorous attention to detail and an instinct to anticipate deadlines, and that this would be my true strength in the short story market … Ah, but you would be wrong. So very wrong.

Hard to believe I printed out my story, wrote a cover letter, got a S.A.S.E. together, stuffed it all in a manila envelope, put on a coat, walked to the Post Office, had my package weighed, bought additional postage, and sent my story out into the wilderness, only to have it immediately eaten by the wolves of poor planning. I would have been better off staying home and sticking two fingers in my ass.


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