I Like This Crazy Story

5 Dec

 A truly great acceptance letter. Response reads:


I like this crazy story.

“The Woodsman” is in for the November YAWP. I’ll send you one free copy. $3 for extras. Sounds like you just let your imagination romp; sometimes that’s best.


–John Berbrich

I love this guy’s enthusiasm. Sometimes you really feel like an editor is just doing this for the love; he’s not trying to alter the fabric of the literary scene; he just gets off on uncovering “crazy stories” in the mail. I don’t care that I only get one free copy. Here is an editor that makes me feel like I’m interfacing with some niche subculture; like I’m a part of something bigger. That “one free copy” might as well be an O. Henry Award.

The funny thing is, I don’t even like this story. It’s what you might call a “trunk story”–something I wrote while I was delaying writing something else; an exercise to keep my pen fresh. And yet, it landed on an editor’s desk, and the editor saw fit to put it in his little magazine. Amazing.

It has been my experience that the stories you toss over your shoulder and never think twice about are the ones that make the most satisfying splash.


One Response to “I Like This Crazy Story”

  1. heather mull December 5, 2012 at 11:35 pm #

    I just read your blog, while being able to see your headless torso through the acrylic sneeze guard on the Beehive soup station. Good stuff.

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